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Pedestrian Accidents


On the streets, pedestrians are in a very vulnerable position. Vehicles provide protection in an accident, which means that pedestrians are much more likely to face severe injuries, such as:


  • brain injuries

  • whiplash

  • broken bones


Fatalities are also much more common in pedestrian accidents, leaving loved ones to deal with a major loss.


Because of this, obtaining skilled legal counsel to represent your best interests in an ICBC claim can prove incredibly important. At Kwasnicki Law, we have the tools and experience needed to get the most out of your claim and help you obtain the financial compensation you’re entitled to.


It’s also important to note that even if you are considered to be partly at-fault for the accident (like not crossing at a designated crosswalk, for example), you may still be eligible to receive a settlement from ICBC. And, if there is any dispute about the fault of the accident, Kwasnicki Law’s in-house investigator can help to determine the circumstances of the collision.


Our goal is to take the stress off our clients, so they can focus on what’s important—getting better and returning to their normal lives. Dealing with injuries and financial strain is more than enough. Let us take care of ICBC’s cumbersome claims process (without any out-of-pocket expense), because it’s what we do best.


Schedule a Free Consultation with an experienced Kelowna personal injury lawyer today to get the answers to your questions, learn about your rights, and assess the viability of your claim.

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