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Slip and Fall Accidents


In British Columbia, the law requires that occupiers and owners of property be responsible for keeping their property reasonably safe for others. That means that if you have been hurt due to the negligence of others, you may be entitled to compensation for items such as medical expenses, past wage loss, future wage loss, future care costs, and pain and suffering.


Slip and fall accidents can occur in grocery stores, malls, nightclubs, restaurants, hotels, parkades, residential homes, and more. When these accidents occur, it may be because those responsible for the property were negligent in their duty to avoid hazards and dangerous situations for visitors. Landlords, tenants, property management firms, and maintenance contractors are just some of the parties that may be named in a slip and fall accident case.


Common types of slip and fall accidents resulting in financial settlements include:


  • Slippery substances on floors

  • Staircases with missing or broken handrails

  • Icy or unmaintained sidewalks or parking lots

  • Premises that do not adhere to BC building code regulations


If you have been hurt in an accident that was the result of a lack of care and/or maintenance, contact Kwasnicki Law today to discuss your specific situation. A Free Consultation can help you get started, and our

No Settlement, No Fees structure means no out-of-pockets costs or legal fees until your claim is settled.

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