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Client Testimonials


When you choose Kwasnicki Law as your representation, you're not just gaining a lawyer, you're gaining a team of professionals who will advocate for your best interests, and partner with you to achieve the best result possible for your case.


At Kwasnicki Law, we are proud to provide excellent service and strive to attain the best outcome we can for our clients. That's why we have so many satisfied clients that continue to come back to us for all their legal needs. Read on to see what these clients are saying about Kwasnicki Law:

"Robert and his team has been such an amazing support for me after ICBC left me feeling lost and frustrated. The office staff kept in contact during every step of the process and my questions never went unanswered. Even though my accident was minor and my claim was smaller they took the time and fought for me. I would recommend Robert and his team to anyone having to deal with ICBC after an accident. Fantastic, thorough and professional!"

~Brenna M.



"Robert is the best lawyer I have come across in BC.


I went to Robert for help and he helped me like I was family. He not only exceeded expectations in my settlement, but he also treated me with respect, answered ALL of my questions in timely manner, and filled me in with ALL details regarding the case. We all know lawyers that will only do this in the beginning and then change as the case goes on with late replies and call backs, or sometimes even disrespecting you because you don't know the law. But Robert was the same until the day the settlement was finished.

During my case, he treated me like a big brother, giving me advice when I asked or needed, and giving me plenty of time to think about the decisions I had to make, as he will not rush you to make decisions. Robert does not use his title "lawyer" to make you feel that he is in charge or undermine you in anyway. 

Settlement aside, because that's his job, Robert as a person will care for you and fight for you in any way possible, resulting in good settlements. I know many lawyers that have some of those traits, but I don't know any lawyers that have all of those traits like Robert does.

I truly thank Robert for helping me and making my life easier when I was going through rough patches after my accident."


~Justin Yoon

"Robert and his team have proven to me that no matter how long things may go unresolved in life they are there to resolve them with and for you. For as long as my case was open for it always felt like I had Kwasnicki law to turn to throughout it all.


I am very thankful for their services and can not recommend them enough. They were very understanding of my own problems and fears as this was all so new to me and helped ease them with their service and responses along the way.


I truly hope many others turn to Kwasnicki Law for guidance along what can be a very gruelling process dealing with ICBC. Kwasnicki Law has proved to me that it can get better with the right help and right people and that’s just what they did, made the stress and process of things better. They are the right people for the job and for that I am eternally grateful."

~Justis Anderson

"I was so pleased with Robert's services and the outcome of my litigation. Robert was always available to answer my questions and made the process clear and easy for his clients. I was impressed with Robert's communication and took it as a sign of confidence that he applies the same diligence to his case files. Robert has a way to make you feel heard and valued which is an important skill as you work together to build your case. I would very much recommend Robert to my family and friends."

~Marlene Lagoa

"Prior to my consult with Robert I was apprehensive about following through with my MVA claim as I had heard that several lawyers were unreliable and it would take years for any type of resolution. 


Robert was actually referred to my by another lawyer with high regard. Upon, my first encounter with Robert I knew immediately he would be the lawyer to represent me. His presence was calm, collected and most of all trustworthy. He answered all of my questions with an honest response and I was put at ease. Robert is VERY attuned to his clients and has exceeded every expectation I could have had. Robert would always respond to my e-mails/phone calls on the very same day. The effort and efficiency he implements into this work ethic is what makes Robert the astounding lawyer he is. I have nothing but the utmost regard for him and will continue to refer him to everyone I know because I know they are in safe hands.


I have already recommended Robert to several of my friends and family, province wide! I feel regardless of where his firm is Robert is where you need him to be. If I should ever need a lawyer again, I know who to call! It is refreshing to know people like Robert still exist within our communities. "


~ Danica Wokoeck



"In October 2010, while waiting at a red light in my brand new car. I had the misfortune to have been hit in a rear end accident.


My car had several thousand dollars damage and I received severe whip lash. This caused me great discomfort not only physically, but mentality forcing me to find legal representation. Hence, I found Robert.


Robert has always acted professionally, with integrity, friendly and helpful ways. He explained how the legal course of my claim would work. Answering all my questions explaining it in a way that I understood.

I have been very pleased with the outcome of my claim and if I am ever in need for representation again I would certainly call Robert. I would also recommend Robert and his law firm to all my family and friends as his work ethic is impeccable.


Thank you Robert Kwasnicki"


~Wenda Waite

"Kwasnicki Law provided an excellence experience while guiding me through a horrible life event. Their expertise made things so much easier to deal with while providing comfort and ease. I knew I had nothing to worry about with Kwasnicki Law at the helm of the ship taking control. I would highly recommend Kwasnicki Law for any of your needs." 


~Aileen Payne 


"Robert Kwasnicki's firm went above and beyond my expectations. Mr Kwasnicki treated my claim in a professional and timely manner. I would highly recommend his firm as I would use his expertise again and again."


~ Diane White

"Robert is the best lawyer that I have worked with. He's professional, responsible, helpful and thoughtful. Most importantly, he goes above and beyond to help me with my case. I recommend Robert to any one that I know or don't know with two thumbs up!"


~ C. Liu of Vancouver, BC

"I came to Robert Kwasnicki for help on a legal matter. He listened to my story, and was ready to help. I had went to a number of other lawyers, and all they wanted was money up front, before they would even think of helping you. Robert worked very hard on my case. I was so pleased with him. Robert comes across as a good friend. To me it was like my big brother. I felt very comfortable with Robert, and didn't feel like he was looking down on me. I would recommend Robert to any one. He has to be the best Lawyer I have ever worked with."


~ Sue Clark

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart Robert, your kindness, hardwork and attention to my case will now put me and my family in a home of our own. Thank you. "


"I am so grateful to Robert and his team for taking my personal injury case. I had been to three different law firms who advised me not to proceed with my case, and I felt that I had no where else to turn. By chance I found a company who put me in touch with Robert who truly was the light at the end of the tunnel. Robert and his team walked me through this process, reassuring me every step of the way. I appreciate the honesty and compassion Robert provided me with from the very first conversation I had with him and when Kwasnicki law represents you, you really do feel protected. My case was an absolute success and I owe it to the one person who took a chance on me. Thank you Robert!"


~ P. Varma

"I was extremely upset and in pain when I first came to Kwasnicki Law. Not only did they take the time to calm down my nerves, but Robert even offered to drive to see me as I was afraid to get into a vehicle. I have never seen such a caring and dedicated law firm who simply put. Cares. Thank you so much for helping me during this stressful time."

~ T.G.

"I couldn't be more thankful for going to Robert after my accident. It was my very first accident and I was extremely shook up. From day one, Robert made me feel comfortable. He explained everything in detail and continued to throughout the whole process even though I live over 1400km's away from Kelowna. Due to the distance, at one point I was not sure I wanted to go through with my case anymore. Without pressure Robert advised it would be a good idea to stick with it and he would do everything in his power to see a result. Robert fought for me and my case for 4 years. He is the first Lawyer I have ever dealt with and I will recommend him to anyone I know who may be in the same situation I was.  Thank you to Robert and your entire team at Kwasnicki Law, you guys are all amazing!"

~Madelyn Haynes


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