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BC Makes Changes to Small Claims Proceedings

BC Small Claims Proceedings

Changes are coming down the pipe for B.C.’s “Small Claims Court.” Starting June 1, 2017, if you have a claim of up to $5,000 (with some exceptions), you will no longer be looking to the Provincial Courts, but rather to B.C.’s new Civil Resolution Tribunal, which operates fully online, allowing parties to follow three phases—in this order:

  1. Direct negotiation with the other party in hopes of a settlement.

  2. Facilitated negotiation to help aid in cases where the first step has not succeeded.

  3. Adjudication by a member of the Tribunal, which can result in an enforceable court order.

In addition to the introduction of the online Civil Resolution Tribunal, claims heard under the Small Claims Act will be increased from $25,000 to $35,000. And claims from $5,001 to $10,000, will be subject to simplified trials in certain locations, overseen by Justice of the Peace Adjudicators.

For more information on these changes, have a look at the Provincial Court of British Columbia’s eNews section. Or, if you or someone you know has a claim under B.C.’s Small Claims Act, and you have more questions, one of our lawyers would be happy to speak with you. Contact Robert and his team today.

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